Conciergerie Marrakech guarantees you a personalized trip specially designed for you

We take care of all your requests during your stay. It is comprised of a selection of hotels, luxury apartments, traditional riads and guest houses, suggestions for fine dining, private visits to exceptional places, professional meetings, private driver reservations, selection of a nanny or rental of an old car are j

We manage your daily life during your stay thanks to a perfectly regulated logistics and a network of partners that allows us to respond with precision and speed.

We know that your time is precious, that’s why Conciergerie Marrakech puts its know-how to meet your expectations and free you from your daily life. Between a thousand races, requests, appointments, we are often quickly overwhelmed.

Your concierge is your guardian angel, he will make your life easier and will bring you into a world of comfort, small attentions and privileges!

Table reservations

Night clubs, restaurants, beach clubs and much more, CONCIERGERIE MARRAKECH is your access to all the top establishments.

Real estate

At Conciergerie Marrakech, our real estate experts will find your dream villa or apartment

Yacht yard

We offer you an exclusive yacht charter service, our network is composed of yachts of all sizes, allowing you to explore the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea to enjoy your stay.

Activities and events

Conciergerie Marrakech keeps you informed of everything that is happening everywhere in Morocco to settle down and be ahead in the events that interest you


We guarantee you driver services for all occasions, whether it’s a special occasion, an evening, an airport drop-off, and much more.


Shopping, private sale and much more, if you are looking for something special and hard to find, our team will find it for you!