Our babysitting services are available all week long in Marrakech to pick up your children from school or daycare or to drop them off, to take care of their meals and snacks, to help them with their homework, to help you with your children’s daily tasks and activities, etc.

From Monday to Sunday or only on specific days, whether you have a busy work schedule at the office or at home, trust our babysitting services to understand, anticipate and meet your expectations.

Why Use Conciergerie Marrakech To Hire A Babysitter In Morocco ?

Our nannies bring a degree of comfort to parents, that is beyond question.

In addition to being an experimented and trustworthy professional, the nanny works with you on a common goal: the child’s education.

She is part of the childcare team, along with the parents.

Beyond the comfort that some of the illustrations below show, she ensures the total well-being of the children, just as a family member would do.


Babysiting Laughing In Marrakech
Nanny Care Marrakech

There are many benefits of having a nanny from Conciergerie Marrakech take care of your child.

Our nannies come to your home and provide private, dedicated care for your child while you are away.

Hire a nanny today or contact us for more informations